Floating Meditations, mixed media installation, 20' x 8' x 5"

Floating Meditations-patterns made from light reflections

Material yet intangible, solid yet ephemeral, existing in liminal spaces, clouds float across the sky above in constant movement, not bound to anything. Perforated carvings while solid and tangible dissolve the solidity of the material structure, representing the spiritual. Both blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior spaces, conceal and reveal, mediate light and space. Clouds reflect all the colors in the spectrum at different times of the day and through different weathers with infinite variety, reflecting bright shining light and dull gloomy darkness, evoking a range of moods. The geometric patterns represent infinity, unity, order, harmony, and the Divine yet exist in finite spaces. Multiple divisions of the shapes break up the unity.  The symbol of the Divine represented in these patterns is layered with material ornamentation. Harmony is contrasted with difference.

This juxtaposition exposes the commonalities embedded within the apparent contradictions of the two unrelated formations. Whether it is competing ideologies or paradoxical identities, there is no singular categorization or meaning, but inherent inconsistencies in every system, leaving the place beyond boundaries, as the space of transcendence.

The work is a metaphor for transcendence into a space above all boundaries and borders from where one can create new realities-amidst life’s conflicts and upheavals, divisive boundaries of cultures and ideologies, transcendence into a space of countless possibilities from where one can create new narratives of a common, shared identity. It is a process of exploration and meditation, of finding one’s place between the interstices of cultures and boundaries where any reality is a possibility.