Fractured Cosmos I.jpg

Fractured Cosmos, ink pen drawing, 36" x 96"

Fractured Cosmos II 2.jpg

Fractured Cosmos II, ink pen drawing, 36" x 58"


Studio Views - Work in Progress


Studio Views - Work in Progress

My practice focuses on creating narratives of cosmic unity in this age of global conflict and divisiveness. Seeking an escape from a life of loss and trauma, I turned to art for a break from life versus a re-evaluation of it. The moments of mediation, calm, healing, and joy that I found in my experience of nature during my walks in the woods, marveling at the complex patterns in nature, were translated into my work. Drawing became a meditative process. Intrigued by the similarities of the patterns found in nature, our body, and the cosmos, my work became an investigation of these structures and relationships. 

Fractured Cosmos is a series of drawings and installations about cosmic interconnectedness through patterns in nature and the cosmos combined with patterns from my South Asian heritage. The Islamic geometric patterns used in South Asian art and architecture, from the screens in Mughal architecture to the patterns in Indian and Persian miniature paintings, originate from a circle that is a perfect symbol for unity. Its multiple divisions into stars are continuously repeated to create a network that represents infinity. The patterns in the universe from the dendrites and neural networks in our brains, to the cosmic web on the macro level, are identical and recur continuously. The organizational principles of all these networks follow the same underlying principles on which the Islamic patterns are constructed. 

Using fractured tree parts and dendrite networks layered with patterns, Fractured Cosmos reorganizes similar and disparate elements to create new systems. Just as nature is malleable, constantly changing and adapting, I combine fragments to create new structures that represent new realities. It is a metaphor for a renewal of life by creating new realities from destructive experiences.