Hanging Gardens, MDF carvings & enamel paint, 9' x 9' x 9'

Contemporary Ruins I & II

Contemporary Ruins I, MDF carvings & enamel paint, 9' x 9' x 9'

Contemporary Ruins II, MDF carvings & enamel paint, 9’x12’x 4”

Jaali Installations

This series of works break up the facades of infinitely repeating, geometric patterns in screens that I designed. Behind each façade lies an untold story of struggle; just as behind each face of ruin, destruction, or despair are concealed stories of courage, survival, and hope. The screens are broken apart and the resulting structures reassembled into surprising new constructions in space. The resulting forms are metaphors for creating new realities from broken parts and destructive encounters. The work raises these questions: on every level, from the personal to global, what social structures can we create for others and ourselves? What realities do we accept, or are willing to change? Reconstructing new realities from fragments alludes to the process of rebuilding life. The possibility of creating alternate or more beautiful realities and experiences is my goal.

I use Islamic geometric patterns appropriated from art and architecture of a vast region and time period in history; art that is founded on the principles of unity, order, harmony, infinity, and the Divine.