Expressing a synthesis of my diverse experiences and multiple roles –  growing up and living in multiple cultures and communities –  my artwork is also a quest for an identity that combines all aspects of my life into new realities –  representing hope and renewal, explorations, and new discoveries.  I create narratives of transcendent identity and cosmic unity within the context of harmonious realities in a global age of conflict. 

Mixed media works and installations are created from fragments of carvings that I designed from geometric patterns.  The carvings are broken apart and then redesigned into structures that represent creating new, positive realties from destructive experiences.  In some projects, I layer these structures with disparate elements. Islamic geometric patterns, appropriated from the art and architecture of a region where I grew up, represent my cultural heritage and aesthetic traditions.  In recent works, I juxtapose these with patterns found in nature and in the cosmos echoing a cosmic interconnectedness.  Sarah Ahmad


Sarah Ahmad’s artwork has been featured in numerous exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers throughout the United States and in the United Arab Emirates,, including the Irving Arts Center, the Eisemann Center, and the LuminArte Gallery in Dallas, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, the New York Center for Photographic Art, and The Gallery at Watershed in Eugene, Oregon, and the Sharjah Museum in United Arab Emirates.  In Tennessee her work has been exhibited at the Circuitous Succession Gallery, Crosstown Arts, the Hyde Gallery and Rust Hall in Memphis. Her work is represented in Memphis by the Circuitous Succession Gallery.  In addition an installation by Ahmad was selected for the exhibition series “Flying Solo”sponsored by the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority, Tennessee Arts Commission, and the State of Tennessee.

She received an MFA from the Memphis College of Art, MA Education from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, and BA Fine Arts from the National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan.

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