Fractured Cosmos I.jpg

Fractured Cosmos I, ink pen drawing, 36" x 96"

Fractured Cosmos 2.jpg

Fractured Cosmos II, ink pen drawing, 36" x 58"

Fractured Cosmos IV.jpg

Fractured Cosmos III, ink pen drawing, 36" x 96"

Fractured Cosmos III copy.jpg

Fractured Cosmos IV, ink pen drawing, 36" x 58"


driftwood1 seaparate copy 2.jpg

Driftwood I, ink pen drawing, 36" x 58"


driftwood composite copy 2.jpg

Driftwood II, ink pen drawing, 36" x 58"

Fractured Cosmos I - Detail

Fractured Cosmos II - Detail

Studio Views - Work in Progress


Fractured Cosmos is a series of drawings and installations about cosmic interconnectedness through patterns in nature and the cosmos combined with the Islamic geometric patterns from my South Asian heritage.

Scientific research shows that the cosmic web and the human brain are more like each other than the cosmic web is to the interior of a galaxy or the neural network is to the interior of a neuronal body. The dendrites and neural networks in our brains form patterns identical to the intergalactic cosmic web networks. These fractal patterns recur continuously in nature, such as in tree branches, rivers, and in the veins in the human body. The concept that the universe is a giant brain with fractal patterns as the blueprint of all creation, has also been the subject of scientific study. The patterns in nature correspond to different geometric shapes and their principles of construction are the same in which the Islamic patterns are created, leading to the theory of Sacred Geometry that identifies our oneness.

Using fractured tree parts, rocks, agates, and dendrite networks layered with patterns, Fractured Cosmos reorganizes similar and disparate elements to create new systems. Just as nature is malleable, constantly changing and adapting, it combines fragments to create new structures that represent new realities.

This project originated as an experience with nature, its energy and visual wonders, meditations on our innermost being and outermost mysteries of the universe, and how it is all interconnected. In a world stricken with increasing conflict and violence pouring out from all media converging with one’s personal’s traumas and struggles, an experience with nature and meditative practices provide a means for reflection, a pause, and a much needed break from life. Bringing this experience to art, the goal of Fractured Cosmos, as an immersive installation, is to create an altered, imagined reality where fragments of patterns derived from nature studies and Islamic art are woven together to create a web of networks and pathways in a cosmic simulation of our interconnectedness.