This team proposal was the finalist for the Army/Navy Parks site for the South Main Design Challenge.


Located at the corner of GE Patterson and Second Street, a few blocks away from Memphis College of Art’s graduate center, these two memorial parks are covered with trees offering plenty of shade, but are in a passive urban block that is not utilized by public.


Our vision is to integrate these parks with the vibrant art community of South Main and MCA; make them into a top art and recreation attraction in Memphis; and to bring the unique and otherworldly experience of viewing art outdoors, to the city of Memphis.

The captivating sculpture park design will make the Army and Navy Parks a top destination of the art district that draws visitors from all over the city, inspires their imagination, fosters community engagement and creative activity, and unifies the diverse population of the city and neighborhood. The engaging sculptures, murals and design will be a hallmark of the creative spirit of the arts neighborhood.


Art and nature come together in sculpture parks in urban settings all over the United States and the world. Currently, Tennessee has three sculpture parks. Our short-term goal is to bring a functional sculpture park to the arts district in Memphis. This will serve as a place for artists’ collaborations, an exhibition space for temporary sculpture and art exhibits, a gathering place for outdoor art talks and events, children’s art activities, and a permanent sculpture display site that transforms the parks into a local attraction. This low budget proposal will utilize the potential of the parks with the diverse creative activities and attractions, bring more exposure to this part bordering South Main especially during trolley nights, integrate the arts with the neighborhood and community, and activate a passive corner of the South Main with attractive displays and activities. 


The long-term proposal is designed to make these parks into a top local attraction in Memphis. It maximizes the potential of the space for the arts and community integration. The parks will become a place for recreation with diverse options, a place to rest, restore, relax, lounge under the shade or the sun, soak in and celebrate the beauty of art and nature juxtaposed in a unique, original, visionary design. It will be a place for children to play, interact with art, and to gather for art activities. Families and friends will be able to gather for picnics, water park fun, attending concerts and performances, while immersed in the art experience. Artists will be able to gather for talks, shows, outreach programs, hanging out, or just for creative inspiration. This phase of the design includes all the parts of the short-term proposal and greatly expands on them to fulfill the vision of the project.