Axis Mundi, mixed media painting, drawing, & collage, 22" x 34" each

Axis Mundi, a phrase that means "navel of the world" refers to the cosmic axis connecting the heaven and the earth, the material and the spiritual, the inner and outer. It is an ancient symbol of cosmic unity and interconnectedness. This series combines geometric patterns with aerial views of earth. Aerial views of cities at night form patterns of lights much like constellations. City lights form glittering maps and starry radial webs similar to the geometric patterns in my work. Whether created with perfect geometry or mapping methods, our creations reflect the patterns in the sky and space echoing a cosmic unity.  

These works reference mapping, interior structures/organs, veins traversing the terrain like roadmaps, and are layered with references to explosions, oil spills, drifting debris or signifiers of destruction. The macroscopic perspective of earth seen from space is entwined with a vertical viewing perspective that hints at the microscopic with intricate line drawings. While these ideas were starting points, I made the works very intuitively without references, almost like being a witness to the work making itself- just as in meditation one observes the breath, emptying thoughts to connect with oneself and the energy of the cosmos.