My work encompasses themes of identity, migration, displacement, belonging, rebuilding life, and what it means to create in the world a space of one’s own. It evolves from my own cross-cultural identities as an immigrant, as a South Asian, as an American citizen, as a woman, and as a single mother. As an immigrant, I am the “other” in my adopted homeland, and in my home country, I am an expatriate of Pakistan. My identity is fragmented.

However, outside the contexts of cultures and places, transcending boundaries and categorizations, there is a space where time stands still, and one is in the rhythm of creation. These are the moments when I feel most free and connected with all creation, and when I’ve found something larger than myself to join as an integral part. Integrating this sense of freedom into my work, I investigate cosmic interconnectedness through common patterns in the human body, the spirit, and the cosmos. I create spaces that can serve as sanctuaries and retreats from the anxieties and upheavals of life, sites to experience wonderment, meditation, and peace.

Sarah Ahmad


Sarah Ahmad’s artwork has been featured in exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers throughout the United States and in the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan, including the LuminArte Gallery, the Irving Center of Arts, and the Eisenman Center in Dallas, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, the New York Center for Photographic Art, the Yeiser Arts Center in Paducah, Kentucky, The Gallery at Watershed in Eugene, Oregon, the Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery in Nashville,Tennessee, the Art Design Consultants Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio, the Sharjah Art Museum in the United Arab Emirates, Rohtas 2 Gallery in Lahore, Pakistan, and Koel Gallery in Karachi, Pakistan. In Memphis, her work has been exhibited at the Linda Ross Gallery, Circuitous Succession Gallery, Crosstown Arts, the Hyde Gallery, and Rust Hall. Also in Memphis, she was commissioned by the Regional One Hospital for a public art project. In addition, an installation by Ahmad was selected for the “Flying Solo” exhibition series at the Nashville International Airport sponsored by the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority, the Tennessee Arts Commission, and the State of Tennessee. Ahmad received a fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center and was selected for residencies at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, the Paducah Arts Alliance, and the Otis College of Art and Design. She was awarded the Tulsa Artist Fellowship and the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Grant in 2019.

She received an MFA from the Memphis College of Art, MA Education from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, and BA Fine Arts from the National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan.

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