Groundless, a large-scale installation, is a reflection on creating a universal and transcendent identity.

This project was inspired by the views of sunset over the Mississippi River in Memphis and Grand Rapids. I made a collage from photographs of clouds and the sky at sunset. Patterns for carvings were then designed over the collage. Over one hundred pieces used in the collage were traced on MDF boards, cut out, painted and assembled in layers to make a 3D collage. Pieces of screen carvings were assembled to form the cloud like shapes that were juxtaposed with the painted shapes. 

For this installation, a double-sided fake wall was created to mount the work on so it could be seen through the windows. The cloud formations in the windows were designed to reflect the view of the sky from the building during daytime and the sunset view on the inside walls of the room. The installation was created for viewing both from the inside and outside, blurring the boundaries of the interior and exterior, existing in liminal spaces.

Groundless is about transcendence above all boundaries into a space of one’s own from which one creates a new reality pieced together from an amalgamation of many pieces. It represents an identity that evolves from a hybrid of varied experiences, cultures, and ideologies, but transcends them, defying all categorizations.