Groundless, mixed media installation, 20'x14'x10'

Groundless is about transcendence above all boundaries into a space of one’s own from where one creates a new reality. It represents an identity that evolves from a hybrid of varied experiences, cultures, and ideologies, but transcends them, defying all categorizations.

Clouds drift across the sky, soaring above, universal, yet in a space of their own between the skies and the ground. Just like the carvings used in this project, they are solid yet ephemeral. Both dissolve the solidity of the material surface representing the spiritual or transient. Both blur boundaries and exist in between spaces. In the spectrum of colors and shapes they represent diversity in harmony. The geometric patterns are designed from a circle that is the symbol of unity. The multiple divisions of the circle create the variety of designs representing diversity, infinity in their continuous repetition, transience when existing in finite spaces. By layering the patterns appropriated from Islamic and South Asian architecture with abstract shapes in a surrealist sky-scape, the work combines the aesthetic traditions of Eastern and Western art but transcends both to form its own unique language. This juxtaposition of patterns with clouds also exposes the commonalities in the apparent differences and the contradictions within each structure.

Whether it is competing ideologies or paradoxical identities, there is no singular categorization or meaning. This leaves the space in between, the liminal space at the interstices of cultures, ideologies, and identities, as a place of transcendence from where countless realities are possible and multiple shifting perspectives evident. From this position, one can create new narratives of a common, shared identity.

Life is a kaleidoscopic and elusive blend of variables. There is no one fixed identity, meaning, or reality but impermanence the only  unchanging reality.